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Information on Information - Organize Your Computer


CAVU software provides a set of simple tools that give you powerful abilities to organize your computer. As computers and disks get larger and larger you become overwhelmed with information. You can spend hours looking for a particular file or blob of information. The solution, strangely enough, is more information. You need information about the information on your system and the ability to control and organize that information.

Rather than a single large application that does 99 things you don't want and doesn't do 10 things you do want, the set of utilities allows you to organize your computer files, programs and individual pieces of information in 100's of different ways. The utilities work with any types of files. You can spend hundreds of dollars on video organizers, mp3 organizers, disk catalogers etc. only to find: you have to learn each different system, they don't work together and they don't work on any other types of files. You can buy the CAVU utilities individually or as a package (50% off the individual prices!) for less than any of those large packages and much, much less than having to buy several of those packages.

One of the keys to this productivity is the ability to use features of Windows-NT that have been available for years but have been very usable: Summary Information Fields. Summary information fields are pieces of information associated with but not contained in a file. These fields include: Comments, Author, Subject, Keyword etc. They can be viewed in Explorer by right-clicking on the column headers but only edited through property pages. Some fields are read-only and are maintained by MS Office products. On the other hand, writeable fields like Comments, Author, Subject etc. can be added to any file on your system. They will even be carried along when you copy the file (if you copy to an NT file system).

SECURITY ALERT: Summary Information Fields are included when you send a file as an email attachment. If you have not checked these fields you could be sending personal information without knowing it. Or you could be missing an opportunity to provide meaningful information about the files you have sent to your colleagues and customers.

By providing you with information about the information on your computer CAVU Software can make you more productive everyday!


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